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How to guides

Over the last few years I have had a number of people contact me via my web site asking me the similar questions. Therefore, I thought it was prudent to produce some documents on the common topics I have received questions about.

The following table lists the documents that are currently available or coming soon. In order to access these documents, click on the appropriate icon in the Available formats column.

Document title

Description of document

Available formats

How to create a live web cam feed

Provides a description of how to broadcast a live web cam feed from your PC using either the Webcam32 application or Windows Media Encoder.

Creating a streaming live web cam feed

How to create a live MP3 music stream

Provides a description of how to broadcast a live MP3 music stream from your PC using Winamp and Shoutcast Server.


How to obtain a fixed domain on the Internet

Provides a description on obtaining a fixed domain presence on the Internet even it your IP address varies. This is extremely useful for people who run servers and want them to be available at a fixed address on the Internet. This is also extremely useful for people who want to broadcast a live web cam feed or music stream.

Obtaining a fixed domain name

How to configure your broadband Internet router

Provides a description on configuring your broadband Internet router in order to be able to make various server services and applications such as Netmeeting, Yahoo Messenger work properly over the Internet.


How to work from home

Provides advice based on my experience how to successfully work from home and run an on-line business.

Working from home successfully

How to get high search engine rankings

Provides a description on how to optimize your web site to obtain high positions on the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimisation


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