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Useful Links

The sections below provide some interesting links. Some are more useful than others, but all deserve a quick browse for some reason or the other.

General web sites

ICD Soft - This is the web hosting company that I use to host my web site. They support PHP and MySQL and only cost $60 per year for their hosting services.

TECHWR-L - The Internet forum for technical communicators. If you are a technical author, then you should take a look at this web site, and possibly subscribe to their mailing list.

PayPal - Used in many on-line transactions. I use PayPal to receive payments for eBooks that I sell on-line. My services can also be paid via the PayPal service. The PayPal service is free to set up.

Custom computer, industrial automation, & industrial computers - Kontron offers industrial computer products such as custom computer solutions, industrial automation, panel PC products, and more.

Linux web sites

Linux Documentation Project - A superb resource where writers offer their services. This website contains a comprehensive range of documentation covering every aspect of the Linux operating system.

Linux Newbie Guide - An easy to use resource covering many aspects of the Linux operating system.

Kerry Cox's Linux Site - A lot of respect is due to Kerry. Kerry is in the process of updating what is already a very good resource foe Linux. Kerry is willing to help you set up your own Linux Box.

Web development web sites

WebMonkey - This site provides all the links and information you need to produce a 'basic homepage' or a 'fully fledged data driven web site'. The site covers in-depth tutorials on HTML, Java, Perl, PHP, and a number of back-end database products optimized for the web.

Bo Larsson's Internet Server Software - This site provides a various Perl CGI Scripts and Java applets that may be useful in developing a web site.

EZ Scripting - This site provides CGI Scripts and many tutorials on HTML and CGI programming.

The JavaScript Source - This site provides Java scripts for most applications you can imagine. If you want to perform a task using Java script then check out this site to see if it already contains the script you need. - This site provides links to many types of CGI, Perl and Java resource.

The Perl Archive - This site provides a forum and tutorials for Perl/CGI programming. The site also includes links many useful scripts, some of which are commercial and some of which are free.

Souper Mail - This site provides you with all the information and scripts you need to produce a form on your web site that accepts attachments. The script provided at this web site requires that your Internet Service Provider who hosts your web site allows read/write access to the CGI directory of your web site.

Newbie Hangout - Free Graphics, PSP, Java and HTML Tutorials.

Travel Information web sites

Spain travel guide - Information on Spain for visitors. Includes maps, photographs, recipes, region guides, Spanish lessons and a new monthly Spanish wine column.

Thailand travel guide - Description: Travel information for Thailand, including basic travel information, maps, photos, touring ideas and special features.

Map of Spain - Royalty free digital maps of Spain. Perfect for planning your Spanish touring routes.

Financial web sites

Ample Investor International - This site provides extensive, quality investment information for financial products such as PEPs and  ISAs. The site provides share price quotes for UK Equities traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Delayed quotes are free, however real-time quotes require a subscription fee. Members of this web site are provided with exclusive share issues of IPOs, although the recent floatation of themselves, StepStone, and have flopped. The site provides a wealth of information with respect to latest information on UK Equities, although it's bulletin board suffers from 'Rampers' who aimlessly try to create a price movement on a particular stock.

Freequotes - This site provides a free live quote service for UK Equities traded on the LSE and AIM.

Advanced Financial Network - This site provides a very good portfolio manager, and free level 1 information.

Revenue generation and home working web sites

Work At Home Online Business Opportunity Store - A superb resource for business related to working at home. This is run by an old colleague of mine.

Oraifite Community Town - Home for All Oraifite Community Town of Igbo Land for African American Family Shopping Market. This is run by an old colleague of mine.

Advanced Internet Services - A superb resource for Broadband online learning services and home for all Promise Technology. This is run by an old colleague of mine.

Friends web sites

Dave Walker - This friend of mine shares the same birthday as me. This does not mean we share the same clubbing habits !!!! Check out Dave's site to see what I mean ;-)

Lee Torrens - Lee is an Australian working within the IT Sector in the UK. His website is exceptionally cool, and shows photographs of his recent travels around the world.

Fabien Gandon - A French friend of mine who is extremely talented at all things IT. He is currently doing a PhD in Nice, France.

Rob Hilken - A friend who I have met over the Internet who is an extremely talented graphic designer and web designer. Rob has created some stunning and easy to use websites, and accepts payment via PayPal for any work he undertakes.

Paul Jarvis - Paul's website is currently under construction.

Music web sites

HouseAndTechno - This site is a new up and coming site dedicated to house, garage and techno music. The site features live streaming MP3, chat room, and live streaming video of the HouseAndTechno EJ !

Digitally Imported - This is a well established site dedicated to playing house, techno and classical music.

WinAmp - Although there are many media players and MP3 players around. In my opinion (and it's only my opinion), the WinAmp Player is still the best around.

ShoutCast - The ShoutCast web site is a superb place to find live streaming MP3 of every genre of music there is. Most streaming MP3 on the Internet is facilitated using ShoutCast Server and a ShoutCast DSP for WinAmp. If you are thinking of broadcasting streaming MP3, then look no further than the ShoutCast web site !

BLOG sites

American diary - Blog of an American telling us of everyday news in the USA.

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