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Technical Author Services

My services as a technical author include writing all types of technical documentation and marketing literature (brochure material), and I can deliver documentation in a variety of mainstream, industry standard formats.

Specific Tasks

As a technical author, I am happy to undertake the following tasks:

  • write documents (technical and marketing) from scratch using a particular "company specific in house" style
  • write documents (technical and marketing) from scratch using a new style (determined by myself and the client after an initial meeting)
  • update existing documents (technical and marketing)
  • create a meaningful index for a document
  • re-template a document from one format to another (for example, from Microsoft Word to Adobe Frame Maker)
  • create new document templates in a variety of industry standard formats
  • act as a consultant to advise a client of the best approach towards achieving their technical documentation requirements

Working alone or as a team member

Based from home, I work effectively in the different environments that every client brings. I work extremely well and integrate well within an existing team of technical authors. I also work extremely well as a sole technical author. When required, I visit a clients site to work with developers, verification engineers and technical authors. Since I am originally from a research and development background, I have the ability to relate with developers at the correct level in order to ensure that end user technical documentation is pitched to the correct level. I am also happy to undertake verification tasks on-site or off-site, as required.

The large company example (Nortel Networks)

When working on projects for large companies such as Nortel Networks I work as an additional team member of a large team of other technical authors. In addition to acting as a technical author, I provide the other team members (technical authors) with a high degree of technical support and peer review support. I work closely with developers and often perform out of hours verification with verification staff. Click here to see what people from Nortel Networks say about my work.

The small company example (elata PLC)

When working on projects for small companies such as elata I work as a sole technical author. In addition to acting as a technical author, I provide the client with a reasonable level of verification support.

Software Packages Used

I use the following software packages to create technical documentation in a variety of formats.

Software Package

Formats Produced

Adobe Frame Maker 5.5 + SGML

FM (Frame Maker), SGML, HTML, PDF

Adobe Frame Maker 6.0


Adobe Acrobat


Quandralay Webworks Publisher

HTML (converted from Frame Maker)

Microsoft Word 2000

Word Documents

Macromedia Dreamweaver

HTML (sometimes used in conjunction with Webworks Publisher)


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