Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details 

Date of birth: 2nd March 1972. 

Languages: Conversational French. 

Educational Background

Time FrameQualification / SubjectPlace of Study
Feb 95 -Feb 98Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry.Department of Chemistry, 
Kings College London
Sept 93 – Oct 94M.Sc. in X-Ray Science & Technology. Department of Physics, Kings College London
Sept 90 – June 93BSc. (Hons) in Physics & Laser Physics.Department of Physics, University College Swansea
Sept 83 – June 90A-Levels: 
Pure Maths & Mechanics, Physics, 

A-S level: Pure Maths & Mechanics

8 GCSEs 
Hemel Hempstead Secondary School

Interpersonal Skills Communication and Team Work 

Guest speaker at the University of Skopje, Macedonia, on Reflectance Spectroscopy (sponsored by the British Council and Macedonian Institute of Science). 

Promoted a commercial infrared sampling device for Graseby whilst in Macedonia. 

Taught undergraduate and post-graduate students various experimental techniques. 

Initiated and organised regular group meetings during my Ph.D. 

Motivated and coordinated the research team in the limited experimental time available at national facilities (Daresbury and Rutherford Laboratories). 

Effectively work with employees at elata, LogicaCMG, Itheon, Nortel Networks, UbiNetics and Wireless Information Network in a friendly manner to source information required for rigid documentation deadlines. 

IT Skills 

Operating Systems

The following list summarises the type experience and exposure I have with a diverse range of operating systems: 

  •  Administrator experience in Microsoft operating systems: Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98/ME and Windows 2000 Advanced Server. 
  •  Administrator experience of MacOS 9.2 and MacOS 10, including the use of Mac UNIX (Darwin) with MacOS 10. 
  •  Administrator experience of RedHat Linux 5.6 and 6.1, 7.0, 7.2, 8.0 and 9.0. 
  •  User experience of the UNIX (HP-UX and Solaris) and OpenVMS operating systems MSDOS 6.00 (and above). 

System Administration

The following list summarises the type experience I have as a system administrator:

  •  Configuration of Apache and Xitami web server to inter-work with MySQL and PHP under a Redhat Linux and Windows environment. 
  •  Configuration of x-server, Telnet and SSH processes under a Redhat Linux environment. Implementation of x-client software (for example Ex-Win 32, Putty and ReflectionsX) to inter-work with Redhat Linux. 
  •  Configuration of Apache web server and an SSH server under MacOS 10 (Darwin UNIX). 
  •  Configuration of file sharing, printer sharing, IIS and Terminal Server in a Windows 2000 Advanced Server environment. 
  • Configuration of SMB file sharing in a RedHat Linux environment. 
  • Installation and configuration of J2EE application server environments (BEA WebLogic 8.1 and IBM WebSphere 5.1) within a RedHat 9 Linux environment. 
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle 9.1 and Oracle within a RedHat 9 Linux environment. Including the integration of Oracle with BEA’s WebLogic J2EE application server using the JDBC thin client protocol. 

Software Tools

The following list summarises the software tools that I regularly use for technical authoring and web design:

  •  Conversant in Microsoft Office automation products and Apple Works 6. 
  •  Extensive use of Microsoft Word in order to produce technical documentation with useful indexes. 
  •  Extensive use of Adobe Frame Maker + SGML 5.5 and Frame Maker 6.0 in order to produce SGML compliant technical documentation with useful indexes. 
  •  Extensive use of Adobe Distiller and Adobe Acrobat for production of PDF files. 
  •  Extensive use of Quadralay WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition for converting Frame Maker documents into various industry standard formats (including HTML). 
  •  Extensive use of and Macromedia Dreamweaver 3/4/MX in order to produce multi-browser compatible websites. 
  •  Extensive use of text editors such as Notepad and vi for PHP scripting. 
  •  Experienced with web authoring products Microsoft FrontPage 98/2000. 
  •  Experienced with graphical design products Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and JASC Paint Shop Pro. 
  •  Experienced with Microsoft Visio 2000 and Visio 2003 to produce network diagrams and low-level architectural type information. 
  • Use of RoboHelp HTML 4.0 and 5.0 to produce HTML Help, Windows Help and Java Help files. 

Hardware, networking and programming

The following list summarises other general IT competencies I have: 

  •  Limited practical programming experience in GW Basic and MS FORTRAN 32 V. 1.0 (during university studies). 
  •  Experienced at HTML scripting, PHP3/4 scripting, basic JAVA application programming, basic Perl scripting and basic CGI scripting in order to produce both static and data-driven websites. 
  •  Very experienced with building PC systems, hardware upgrades and fault finding. 
  •  Experienced at LAN networking with TCP/IP under a Windows 95/98/2000 environment, MacOS environment and a Linux environment (using Samba) within a small office environment. 
  •  Experienced at installing and configuring routers (UDP/TCP port forwarding) for broadband Internet connections within a small office environment. 

Contract employment history as a technical author 

I have designed and written technical documentation, including UNIX based installation, administration and configuration guides for solutions that useUNIX (Linux, HP-UX and Solaris) and OpenVMS, GUI based user guides, and high-level site installation processes. 

April 1998 – Dec 1998 NOR.WEB

Designed and wrote technical documentation, covering all aspects of NOR.WEB’s Digital PowerLine (DPL) technology. This project included writing documents from scratch, with some source information provided in the form of sketchy technical specifications. Some site visits and interviewing of developers was required to develop the documentation to an acceptable standard. 

Jan 1999 – Jan 2000 Nortel Networks

Assisted in the re-branding of the PDMX-E document set for Nortel Networks. This project included basic re-templating (Word to Frame Maker) and re-branding of OEM documents from Ascom. This project also included obtaining new screen shots of the re-branded product. 

Updated various user guides, provisioning guides and planning/ordering guides for Nortel Networks’ Advanced Optical Systems, TN-64X, TN-16X, and TN-4XE. Theses updates were based on new release information provided by the Product Line Management (PLM) team and meetings with installation engineers. 

Wrote and updated document sets for Nortel Networks’ Trail Manager product. This project included updating the Trail Manager Release 3 document set to include new features. This project also included the production of a new document from scratch for a new feature application, which correlated network alarms and network faults to network routes. 

Feb 2000 – April 2000 Nortel Networks and UbiNetics

Designed and wrote technical documentation for UbiNetics Third Generation (3G) Test Mobile. This project included document template design in Frame Maker, and production of a user guide and an installation guide from scratch. I produced the user guide and installation guide by installing and running the test mobile software locally on a personal computer. 

Designed and wrote an interim release supplement for Nortel Networks’ OPTera LH product from scratch. The document included information how to install and configure an Optical Switch Module (OSM). Operation of the OSM produced a new type of protection for an optical network. 

Assisted a trainee technical author to produce a new document for Nortel Networks’ Trail Manager product. I produced the bulk of a first draft of a document based on database application that stored historical network alarm information, and passed the document on to the trainee technical author. I offered support to the trainee technical author whenever they required any assistance. 

April 2000 – Dec 2000 Nortel Networks

Wrote and updated document sets for Nortel Networks’ OPTera LH Release 4 product. I was responsible for a certain number of documents within the OPTera LH Release 4 document suite. My writing responsibilities included updating and producing new sections/chapters based on new and changed technical features, and the improving the index. My responsibilities also included meeting with verification staff to improve the usability of procedures and peer reviewing documents written by other authors within the OPTera LH Release 4 team. 

Offered continual help for a period of a month to a colleague who had suffered from e-mail overload, and who had gotten behind on a Nortel Networks’ OPTera Connect DX documentation project. I managed to provide this continual help whilst managing all my own work commitments on time. 

Jan 2001 – July 2001 Nortel Networks and Logica

Wrote and updated document sets for Nortel Networks’ OPTera LH Release 6 product. I was responsible for a certain number of documents within the OPTera LH Release 6 document suite. My writing responsibilities included updating and producing new sections/chapters based on new and changed technical features, and maintaining the index. My responsibilities also included meeting with verification staff to improve the usability of procedures and peer reviewing documents written by other authors within the OPTera LH Release 6 team. 

Assisted colleagues to produce technical documentation for Logica’s Message Application Router (MAR) for a new SMS messaging service and for Logica’s m-World Portal server used to parse HTML in to WML for WAP mobile phones. 

July 2001 – July 2002 Nortel Networks and Logica

Wrote and updated document sets for Nortel Networks’ Trail Manager Release 4.0. I was responsible for a certain number of documents within the Trail Manager Release 4.0 document suite. My writing responsibilities included updating and producing new sections/chapters based on new and changed technical features, and creating indexes which were previously of poor quality. My responsibilities also included meeting with development staff to improve the usability of procedures. I also spearheaded the task peer reviewing documents written by other authors within the Manager Release 4.0 team. 

Designed and wrote technical documentation for Logica’s Mobile Commerce Server Platform (MCSP), Protocol Conversion Agent (PCA) and Open Messaging Gateway (OMG). This documentation was produced from scratch with source information in the form of functional specifications and meetings with developers. 

Wrote and updated document sets for Nortel Networks’ Trail Manager Release 4.1 in a similar fashion to Release 4.0. During this time I offered guidance to other in-house permanent staff of Nortel to help them improve the entire documentation process. Once Release 4.1 was published I was given the responsibility to manage the entire Trail Management document suite for Release 4.2 and later releases. However, due to cutbacks at Nortel Networks further outsourcing of the Trail Management project was suspended. 

July 2002 – Sept 2002 elata

Designed and wrote documentation for the elata Senses solution, a mobile middleware platform that provides seamless provisioning of next generation content to mobile subscribers. After an initial on-site, four-hour visit with staff at elata, the Senses web-based application was documented from scratch by remotely logging in to elata’s web server and using the Senses application. During this project I provided a verification service in order to help improve the usability of the Senses solution, and created writing standards for elata to follow.

March 2003 – April 2003 elata

Updated the documentation that I originally created for the elata Senses solution. This update included documenting new functions and a providing a verification service.

Nov 2003 – April 2004 Itheon

Created documentation for Itheon’s iAM:Servers availability management application, which uses “user written” rules to examine computer systems and applications. Documentation included installation guides, user guides and rule writing guides for OpenVMS, UNIX and Windows operating systems. For this documentation I installed Itheon’s iAM:Servers product within my own local area network of RedHat 9 Linux PCs.

Dec 2003 – Jan 2004 Wireless Information Network Ltd

Created a user guide for WIN’s Media Console, which is a web broswer based application that allows creation, management and reporting of SMS events (for example voting events, competitions and advertising campaigns).

April 2004 – Dec 2004 elata

Created a host of documents to support elata’s latest release of senses and ascent products. Documents included end user dcumentation for a web browser based J2EE application, end user documentation for two J2SE JRE based GUI applications, UNIX installation and configuration guides, J2EE application server installation and configuration information including clustering and interworking with Orcale 9i. Documentation also included log4j logging installation and configuration guide. For this work, I installed and configured BEA’s WebLogic J2EE application server within my own RedHat 9 Linux environment, and integrated it with Oracle 9.1 running on a RedHat 9 Linux PC. Whilst undertaking documentation tasks, I also informally undertook verification and usability testing of the senses and ascent products.

Since undertaking documentaion tasks (which included some informal usability and and verification testing), I was then formally contracted to undertake verification testing of various releases of elata’s senses, reporting and bulk upload client products. Testing included the use of WAP enabled mobile devices and Mozilla based web-browsers (on a PC) to ensure that the functionality of all the products worked as expected.

August 2004 – August 2005 Xelas

Helped a start-up company (Xelas Ltd, based in London, UK) evolve into a successful IT services company that offered uniquely positioned Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions and Content Management Systems. Tasks I have undertaken for Xelas on a contract basis include the following:

  • 4 weeks development work at IBM’s Hursley Labs in the UK. Successfully created a Scalable Network Attached Storage Solution (SNASS) using rack mounted IBM blade servers running SuSE Linux and clustering software from PolyServe. In addition to installing PolyServe and using PolyServe to manage the cluster, tasks included networking two IBM Blade Centers, each containing 14 nodes, creating NFS mounts to attached storage, NFS tuning and MTU tuning for Gigabit Ethernet. Results were formally written up and a white paper was created. The SNASS is currently in the process in being sold to Cranfield University in the UK.
  • Competative analysis of existing content management systems within the market place. Defining a product feature set (product specifications) for Romanian developers to follow.
  • Production of the new Xelas website (still under construction, at http://www.xelas.co.uk).

Jan 2005 – August 2005    elata

Undertaken various documentation updates since the major 4.1 release of elata’s senses product and testing of elata’s version 4.2 senses product. Documentation included updates for a Mobitel specific User Guide, 4.2 User Guide used by Orange France and regression testing of the 4.2 senses product to ensure it met Orange France’s functional requirements. Most recently (June 2005) I have been assisting elata create some specific Mobitel specific documentation, which is based on some minor life cycle management functionality changes to the generic 4.2 release of their senses product. 

March 2005 – October 2005 Citrix
I worked at Citrix Systems Ltd Research and Development facility on a 6-month contract, where I did the following:

  • Documented a secure implementation of the MetaFrame Presentation Server (MPS) product for “Common Criteria” evaluation. The deployment consisted of Windows 2003 Server, Enterprise Edition servers hosting the MPS product and RedHat Linux 9 based firewalls. Customer facing and internal documentation was created, which included subjects such as installing/configuring various MPS components, and locking down the deployment so that it is secure using Windows Policies, the Windows 2003 SP1 Security Tool and implementation of server/root certificates.
  • Documented the Citrix Web Interface for Microsoft SharePoint product, which allows SharePoint users to lauch applications published by the Citrix MPS product. In addition to the usual documention tasks, bug testing and usability testing, I also found an important Windows registry edit that was required to make the SharePoint Single Sign-On service work correctly within a Windows 2003 environment running SP1.
  • I pro-actively peer reviewed other Citrix employee’s documents for technical accuracy and consistency.

In addition to deploying the Citrix MPS product within a physical network, I also created variants of the deployments within a number of different “virtual” VMWare sessions using VMWare Workstation 4.0.5.

August 2005 – November 2005 Pace Microtechnology plc

I created user guides and specification guides for Pace’s digital set top box (STB) application programming interfaces (APIs). The user guides and specification guides for each STB API were created from source API header files, with minimal input from Pace’s subject matter experts. During this project I noticed errors in some of the APIs (such as incorrect pre/post conditions and missing include statements). I relayed the API errors that I noticed back to the appropriate API developer while I was undertaking the documentation task, which provided a valuable verification service for Pace.

November 2005 – Present General Electric Medical Systems (GEMS)

I am currently on a contract with General Electric Medical Systems creating their service manuals for their latest X-Ray Mammography Imaging product called Senographe Essential. The documentation I am currently creating includes the installation and maintenance of the entire system, which comprise the following type of subjects:

  • Configuration of DICOM-compliant medical image storage equipment.
  • Electrical component replacement procedures.
  • Fault finding, error handling and trouble shooting procedures.
  • System component management information.

Some of the Senographe Essential product’s components use Sun Workstations running the Solaris UNIX-based operating system, whilst other components such as the image detection controller use x86 architecture hardware running the VxWorks operating system. Many of the topics above include both Solaris-oriented and VxWorks-oriented command line procedures.

Contract employment history as IT support and web design 

Network administration

Installed and administered a local area network, which has provided an effective networking solution for On-Line Consultants. The networking solution included the installation and administration of a RedHat 7.2 Linux Platform with Telnet and secure shell (SSH) access, so that employees of On-Line Consultants can use Telnet and SSH sessions to help them document UNIX type environments. The networking solution also included Windows (NetBOIS) based file and printer sharing, and configuration of proxy software to share a broadband Internet connection.

Installed and administered a local area network of Windows and Linux based computers within my home office in order to document the event monitoring capabilities of Itheon’s iAM:Servers Event Monitor application. Similarly, I used this network to complement elata’s documentation by installing, configuring and running BEA’s WebLogic J2EE application server and Oracle 9.i.

Research Experience 

Ph.D. 1995 – 1998

Small Angle Neutron Diffraction of Amorphous Liquid Samples (SANDALS) at Rutherford Appleton Laboratories. 
The in-situ study of a new gas hydrate formation mechanism.

Energy Dispersive X-Ray Diffraction (EDXRD) at Station 9.7 in Daresbury Laboratories. 
In-situ studies of formation and structural transformation of CO2 hydrates in the presence of acetone.

Small and Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS and WAXS)/Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). Station 8.9 at Daresbury Laboratories.
An investigation into crystal structure and particle aggregation of solutes in water at various temperatures at atmospheric pressure.

Infrared Spectroscopy. King’s College London. 
Design and implementation of sampling devices for a commercial infrared spectrometer.

In-situ infrared spectroscopic studies of gas hydrates. Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction. King’s College London.
Structural analysis of unknown gas hydrates. 

M.Sc. 1993-1994

Scanning Electron Microscopy. Performed elemental analysis of pigments from C19-C20 to determine the authenticity of works of art. 

B.Sc. 1992-1993 (Final Year Project)

Built, calibrated and interfaced two infrared detectors into a PC operated Infrared Spectrometer. 

Scientific Publications 

  •  C.A. Koh, R.P. Wisbey, X. Wu, R.E. Westacott and A.K. Soper
    “Water ordering around methane during hydrate formation”
    Journal of Chemical Physics, 113, 6390-6397 (2000) 
  •  Tang, C.C., Miller, M.C., Cernik, R.J., Clark, S.M., Koh, C.A., Motie, R.E., Nooney, R.I., Westacott, R., Wisbey, R., and Savidge, J.L.,
    “In-Situ X-ray Diffraction Methods to Study the Natural Gas Hydrates,”
    Materials Science Forum, Vol 278, 335-340 (1998)